Q. I am traveling to the Virgin Islands on vacation and would prefer not to walk with my natural groceries.  Are you able to supply me with natural groceries, body care items and supplements while I am there?

A. Sure. Just go ahead and place your order at least 7 days before you arrive and your order will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Q. I am renting a Yacht and will be arriving the day before we sail. It may be difficult to come into the store. Can you deliver directly to our hotel?

A. Yes! We deliver on all orders over $100.


Q. What areas do you serve?

A. We have 5 locations throughout the British and United Virgin Islands. Hence, we’re able to serve most everyone except those on St. Croix with our delivery service.


Q. Do the prices on your website include shipping and taxes to the Virgin Islands?

A. No, Our prices do not include shipping. Shipping to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico is costly and there is an additional cost. Fortunately, if your order exceeds $100, your shipping is free.


Q. I live in the continental USA, can I order from your site?

A. Yes. Part of our supply chain includes three warehouses located in the continental USA.  Orders over $80 are shipped free.


Q. I see a product on your site that I need but I live in another Caribbean Island. Can I still place my order?

A. Yes.  If the item that you order is in our store, it can be shipped to you immediately via Liat’s Quickpak service and you may be able to recieve it the same day. If not, it may take some time to arrive into our store before we ship it to you or we can ship it directly to you from our warehouse.  


Q. I am a retailer and would like to source my products directly from you. Can a special arrangement be worked out?

A. Yes! We are more than happy to help other Natural Product Retailers achieve their goals. We can offer you a significant discount on our prices and quick delivery of your items. Benefits include no order miniums and great prices. 


Q. Do all your stores contain all the products on your website?

A. No. Our stores are small and focused on the needs of the individuals within the markets they are located. We have supplements, dry groceries and vegan delis in each store. From time to time, we also do catering and cooking classes. The great news is that you can get those items that we don’t have in stock quickly.


Q. I live in the Virgin Islands and just want to shop from the comfort of my home for items that you already carry in the store. Can I do that?

A. Yes, but this service is limited at the moment. We are working on putting our full product database online so that tourist and residents can easily shop for our in-stock items.


Q. Can I special items order not on the website? For example a special branded gluten free bread

A. Yes you can. Just send the details to info@naturesway.vg and we’ll work with you on a one to one basis.